A transition to something else

I have some awesome diaries in my drawers at home. The kind of volumes that I imagined would make a great story one day. Mostly they were written when I traveled the globe from 1997-2000; UK, Europe, America, and Japan. I pick them up from time to time, flick to a random entry and start reading. Usually I am transported back to that moment within five words. I can feel the energy and the passion of the experience, the thoughts and ideas, and the struggle to find the words to describe them all. Maybe that’s why I gave up on blogging so quickly… I last posted a blog back in 2009, I think.

In the meantime social media filled that void of ideas, commentary, and cool stuff. Thanks partly to the prompting of others, too many in-depth coffee conversations that ended with ‘man, you should blog about that’, and a sense of having something more meaningful and meaty to say now, here lies the birth of this blog. At least this time I have made the commitment in hosting, money, time, and pushing myself to learn more, that should sustain this blog for at least three years. Things do change though…

We are all in a state of constant transition; and that’s what this will be all about. Actually that’s what my blog posts were about a few years ago. Transitions are physical and they are mental. Transitions are sweet and exhilarating, and they can also be ugly and uncomfortable. Let’s get ready to ride one; and maybe chuck in some memories from those diaries just for the fun of it.